Frequently asked questions

Is there any paperwork that is required when I am selling my car?
When you sell a car to us we require proof of ownership (Certificate of title). We also require a valid driver license of the person selling the car.
Can I still sell my car if it has an out of state title?
You are still able to sell our company your vehicle. A California title is not required. Although we still need you to provide us with your out of state title.

Is it better for me to sell my car to a private party?
It depends on how much time you have and if your comfortable with strangers coming to your home, or wanting to take your car. For example, someone may want to take your car for a long test drive, or to there mechanic. In addition you need to be familiar with all the proper paperwork that needs to be filled out. Are you willing to take a check from a stranger? If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe selling a car on your own is the right choice for you. If not you can deal with a company that has been around for decades, with thousands of satisfied customers. your number one choice when selling a car

How Can I get cash for a car that is not paid off?
In order for us to purchase your car that is not  paid off the amount owed on the vehicle has to be lower than what we pay you. If you accept our offer our auto buyers
in San Diego will pay off the bank, and pay you the difference

Does it cost money for you to appraise a car?
All vehicle appraisals are absolutely free. We will come to you and look at your car, if you accept our offer we will pay you cash.
How does the process work when selling my car to
The process is exceptionally simple, and consist of only a few easy to follow steps. Start off by filling out our quick contact form or by calling our phone answering service.  While on the phone our company will ask you a series of questions determining the approximate value of your used car. If you agree on the offer we will set up an  appointment and you will have two options. You can decide on having one of cash for cars San Diego representatives come to you, or you can come to our office. Once our car buyer inspects the vehicle he will pay you cash.
(We reserve the right to be selective of the vehicles we purchase)
Do new car dealer pay more for my used car?
A new car dealer is a great source for you to purchase your new car, or newer used cars. Even though they are in the business to give the customer there best service and the best value for there trade in. It is very hard for them to resale a car that is more than 5  years old ,or cars with mechanical problems. If you have a car that is only a few years old in mint condition then it may be alright for you to trade it in, otherwise you will get much more for your car with our car buying service.

Why Sell your car to
Fast, Easy, Safe and you have no liability.